1. A few excerpts from small landmarks have been accepted for an upcoming issue of Riddle Fence! I did not originally create the book pages at the resolution required for high-quality printing, since they were intended for an ebook. However, I have hi-res images of all the original photos and scanned handwriting. So I’m reassembling a few pages for publication at a much higher resolution. Here is a sample (a tiny crop from light and heat).

  3. I moved to St. John’s a month ago, and absolutely love it here. I’ve started writing in notebooks again instead of on a computer, and am spending as much time as I can writing outdoors. I feel luminous.

  4. I’ve updated my small landmarks book with a few new pages.

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  5. "Loss is not something that happens to individuals alone. Instead, loss is a kind of collective condition, and it simply exists in the world. Loss isn’t a momentary event or unfortunate occasion. We inhabit loss, like it’s a building. What this means, of course, is that loss outlasts all of us. If anything remains of our civilization, Building Stories seems to claim, it will be loss, a sense of dashed hopes, unhappy romances, missed opportunities, and all-too-fleeting joys. But, these losses themselves are records of potential and, even, happiness."
  6. i don’t know how to say this, from field notes

    People seem to really respond to this one, and I’ve enjoyed following along as it bounces around Tumblr (43000 notes!). Here are the letters from another angle.

  7. Had a few postcards printed of some kind of understanding. I don’t often print photos, so it feels odd to find them sitting on my desk, as if they have somehow fallen off the screen. Working on a book of these field notes images with some poems that accompany them.

  8. found drawing (scratched television)

  9. from small landmarks (available in iBooks)

    (Source: smalllandmarks)

  10. nowhere else, from field notes

  11. do you see what i mean (animated), from field notes

    I recently moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and it’s been a wonderful week of long walks and conversations with friends old and new. I hope this little loop makes you smile over and over.

  12. why am i not surprised, from field notes