1. Fifteen final images and a poem for each. I think this is almost finished. I’ll probably feel differently in a week or so - poems are hard to pin down.

  3. This video of do you see what i mean from field notes will be shown as part of Eastern Edge Gallery’s Wade In video series.

    (Source: smalllandmarks)

  4. leaves of grass from small landmarks

    (Source: smalllandmarks)


  5. "When van Gogh painted a small pear tree in flower, the act of the sap rising, of the bud forming, the bud breaking, the flower opening, the styles thrusting out, the stigmas becoming sticky, these acts were all present for him in the act of painting. When he painted a road, the roadmakers were there in his imagination. When he painted the turned earth of a ploughed field, the gesture of the blade turning the earth was included in his own act. Wherever he looked he saw the labor of existence; and this labor, recognized as such, was what constituted reality for him."
    — John Berger, from And our faces, my heart, brief as photos
  6. A selection of postcards from field notes is now available at the ever-wonderful Monastiraki in Montreal! The shop is located at 5478 St-Laurent.

  7. MoirĂ© patterns photographed while watching Fritz Lang’s M

  8. field notes is a book about writing outdoors. The poems describe the process of making each image. It’s coming along pretty well! Just finalizing the writing - these are still drafts.

  10. the wind invites itself in

  11. Not sure yet if I will use this, but thought I might need a cover.

  12. I am helping this bug write a poem